Warning! Spoilers ahead!

"Mmm...That was a long dream. I wonder if anything has changed."

- Mari
Mary is a young girl, with the ability to create fantastical dream worlds, as well as the protagonist of the game It's revealed that her actual name is Mari in the real world.

Appearance Edit

Mari is a child, around 11~13 years old[1]. Both in her dreams and the real life she has a very pale, fair complexion. In the Dream World, Mary has wavy, pink hair that goes down to her shoulders, as well front bangs. She has bright pink eyes and a gentle smile. Her outfit consists of a long, pink skirt with white polka dots and a pastel pink sweatshirt with a pink blouse shirt underneath.

In real life, Mari appears to be very tired and stressed. She has a dull and tired expression on her face, dark eyes and shoulder length brown hair. Mari is shown wearing a large, brown sweater with a white blouse shirt underneath and a long, dark brown skirt. She also has white socks with brown slippers.

History Edit

Mari lived in a big, isolated mansion with her parents. She was very loved by her mother, from whom she inherited a power to create and explore fantastical dream worlds. Unfortunately, her mother fell into a coma and died before she was able to properly teach Mari how to control those powers. Mari was then left alone with a father that started to sexually abuse her. With them lived a maid and a tutor, which Mari was homeschooled by, since her father didn't allow her to leave the house. Occasionally her dear uncle would come visit.

Relationships Edit

Mary's mother Edit

Mary’s mother has been described as being a silent and mysterious woman, but she loved her daughter very much and was always kind to her. It was also from her mother that Mary inherited the power to create dream worlds. She always tried her best to help Mari and also taught her how to enter her dreams. Unfortunately, she fell into a coma and died before she could finish what she started.[2]

There is a possibility that the sea angel Mary encounters in the hidden room is a sort of representation of her mother.

Mari's father Edit

Mari lived alone in a big, isolated mansion with a father that sexually abused her. He didn't allow her to leave the house[3] and as shown in the game, he even sometimes locked her up in her room until he got home from work. He is represented in her dreams as both Boaris and "The Chaser."

Gwendel Edit

Gwendel was Mari's beloved uncle which she was very close to. He would often come visit with books and things for Mari. The penguin toy that Mari has on her bed was given to her as a gift from him. He is represented in her dreams as Penn Guindel.

Penn Guindel Edit

Penn Guindel is based off of Mari's uncle. Penn Guindel is the only one who genuinely seemed to care about her even when you lose or if you beat him in the last game. The toy penguin that represents Penn Guindel is the only toy in the nightmare room that isn't made out of a living creature.

Bunnilda and Foxanne Edit

Bunnilda and Foxanne is a representation of Mari's maid and tutor. Foxanne would treat Mari like a little sister and both her and Bunnilda would often serve as Mari's playmates when she got bored in the real world.

Upon first meeting them in the dream, Bunnilda and Foxanne would act friendly around Mary, telling her stories, asking her for help with various tasks and playing Hide and Seek with her. But asking for their seeds and failing their quests, will reveal vile and twisted personalities.

Boaris Edit

It's implied that Boaris represents Mari's father. When you first interact with him he acts very strange and calls you things such as "good girl" or "sweet girl". Boaris also mentions something about having a "special time" in your first encounter. In the normal ending you enter deeper into the dream with him. There is a stuffed boar head that represents him in the nightmare room. Boaris is the meanest of them all. He is also supposed to represent the chaser.

Trivia Edit

  • Mary's dreams are a lot like lucid dreams. The dreams and everything that happens is a reflection of her inner psyche and her perception of reality.[4]
  • The lily that Mary carries around in her dream is often a symbol of innocence and purity.
  • According to the radio, Mary's favorite dreams are the long ones that take her deep and away into different worlds.
    • She dislikes short dreams, because they often turn dark and scary.
  • Mary likes being read stories, and her mom used to read to her before she passed away.
  • Mari is homeschooled by a tutor.

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